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This is a short newsletter with details of membership renewal, the 2015 AGM and why we are postponing this until later in the year, temporary Committee structure, May timetable changes and current performance.

Membership Renewal

Our membership year runs from 1 March and subscriptions for 2015-16 are now due. Many members have already paid their subscription either directly or by standing order. If you have not paid, a renewal form is enclosed. The subscription remains at 2 and can be paid by cheque through the post, by cheque or in cash at the AGM, by direct bank credit or by standing order, the renewal form gives details of all these options. A few did not pay their subscriptions for last year and rather than deleting them as members, we are asking them to pay for 2 years and for those members the payment slip shows 4.

Committee Changes and the Annual General Meeting

Michael Cover has resigned as Chairman because of the pressure of his business work. His departure will be a huge loss to the Association. Michael spearheaded the discussions with the five bidders for the Franchise as well as the response to the Network Rail Sussex Route Study.  Nigel Denton, who represented Littlehampton and Angmering as well as being our representative on Rail Future has also resigned.

We are fortunate that James Marchant our Billingshurst representative has agreed to be co-opted as Chairman until the AGM. On the AGM, our normal Horsham venue is fully booked for the Saturdays in May and June when the meeting would have normally taken place. For this reason and because of the changes in our Officers, we have postponed the AGM until the autumn and it will now take place on a date to be arranged in late September or October. Some members have said that they would prefer to have the AGM on a weekday evening rather than a Saturday morning and we are asking for your views on this, Please send me a reply by e-mail, post or phone saying which you prefer Tuesday to Friday evening in Horsham at 7pm or Saturday morning in Horsham at 10.30am.  I will let you know once a date has been fixed and I will give details of those Officers and Committee members seeking re-election. We will certainly be looking for a new Chairman and we would be grateful for nominations/volunteers from the membership to fill this post. I would like to hand over the task of preparing these Newsletters and step down as Treasurer and Membership Secretary if there are volunteers to take this on. More about this in the next Newsletter.

May 2015 Timetable Changes

The main changes to our services are:

16.14 Victoria to Three Bridges will terminate at Gatwick;
17.49 London Bridge to Bognor will depart at 17.48;
18.04 Victoria to Bognor and Portsmouth will not call at Gatwick;
18.26 Victoria to Brighton will not call at Three Bridges;
05.29 Havant to Victoria will run 7 minutes earlier to Three Bridges arriving 06.34 with a 06.41 connection to London Bridge;
06.06 Bognor to Victoria, 06.49 Horsham will run 1 minute earlier throughout and will be increased from 8 to 12 coaches;
06.41 Bognor to Victoria, 07.24 Horsham will depart 1 minute earlier;
06.57 Bognor, 06.58 Chichester to London Bridge, 07.46 Horsham will depart 3 minutes earlier but arrives at London Bridge as now.


I would need a volume to report on performance since the start of 2015. We are already talking to Southern management and Network Rail and we will report fully on these discussions in our next Newsletter.

Trevor Tupper
Membership Secretary

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