These are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our rail services from Southern. If you have a question not covered here, contact Southern using the details on our complaints page.

Why do doors close 30 seconds before departure?

Southern This is to ensure all passengers board trains safely and that trains depart on time. Automatic doors must be co-ordinated to close in advance of the departure time to guarantee the wheels of the train roll at 00 on time.

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I was delayed on the train: can I get compensation?

Southern If we have delayed your journey, regardless of the cause, then Southern will compensate you. You can claim compensation from us under our Delay Repay scheme.

Delay Repay applies to all tickets purchased on or after 20 September 2009.

How it works

If you have been delayed and wish to claim compensation then you must do so within 28 days of your delay. To do this you need to make sure you have proof of travel.

This could be your original ticket, a ticket receipt, a copy of your season ticket, or, if you are a registered Oyster pay as you go user, a journey receipt. You submit your claim by filling out a Delay Repay claim form. You can find these at any of our staffed stations, or download the form below and post it to us

Levels of compensation

Single and return tickets

If you have a single or return ticket the level of compensation is calculated as follows:

Delays of 30-59 minutes:

Delays of 1 hour or more

Delays of 2 hours or more

50% of single ticket price

100% of single ticket price

100% of single ticket price

25% of return ticket price

50% of return ticket price

100% of return ticket price

Season tickets

Compensation for season tickets purchased on or after 20 September 2009 is based on the same scales as those which have been described for single and return tickets.

Your compensation will be calculated on the proportional daily cost of your ticket. More information on how this is calculated can be found in our Passenger's Charter.

What do I do next?

If you wish to claim compensation then you can print the downloadable form, pick up a leaflet from any of our staffed stations or, if you are a season ticket holder, submit an online application.

Download Delay Repay form (PDF)

Written applications should be posted to:

Govia Thameslink Railway
Unit 16
Coalfield Way
LE65 1JT

Your written application should be submitted within 28 days of the delay and must include your original ticket, a ticket receipt, a copy of your season ticket or a journey receipt if you are a registered Oyster pay as you go user. Claims will be responded to within four weeks.

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Can we have mobile and personal stereo-free 'Quiet Coaches'?

Southern The difficulty with this is marking up train carriages and advising passengers where these carriages are positioned on the Platforms. It is something that Southern may consider in the future.

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What is the exact cycle policy?

Southern The policy, which only applies from Monday to Friday, is that cycles are not permitted on trains travelling towards London or Brighton that are due to arrive between 07:00 and 10:00 or on trains leaving London or Brighton between 16:00 and 19:00. We are able to carry a limited number of ordinary cycles outside of these peak times, where appropriate space is available. If you need to use your cycle at the other end of the journey we suggest the following:

  1. Using a folding cycle
  2. Re-thinking your journey
  3. Travelling earlier or later to avoid peak times.
  4. Using two cycles (and keeping one at either end).

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I cannot see the screen of the ticket machine due to bright sunshine. Can the ticket machine be moved to a better location?

Southern Machines are normally sited for easy access to data links. We are getting anti-glare material which we are planning to install at Pulborough and Christ's Hospital, which should improve visibility.

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