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New timetable from May 20 2018

In our April Newsletter, we sent you details of the planned Monday to Friday services starting on 21 May. Those details were incomplete as we had omitted some early morning trains from Horsham to Victoria. We updated the website with the correct information and attached is the revised version. We also promised to let you have details of weekend services when these became available. This information has only been received in the last few days and has, in fact, been overtaken by events, as the new pocket timetables are now available from our stations but not, as yet, from the Southern website. We suggest you obtain a copy of the timetable(s) you require and check the times before travelling. If you have a problem in getting hold of the new timetable, please let me know. It is worth mentioning that a few of the new Thameslink services to and from Horsham to Peterborough will actually start after 21 May as Thameslink says it will not be possible to complete all the necessary stock in time for the planned start date. None of these Thameslink services is shown in our summary of Southern services but they are in the pocket timetables. Those services with a delayed start date are the 05.25, 22.25 and 17.25 from Horsham which will start on Tuesday 22 May, and the 08.55, 14.58 and 20.55 from Horsham which will not start until Monday 4 June. In the opposite direction the 05.45 and 06.15 from St Pancras which arrive at Horsham at 07.13 and 07.45 will start to run from Tuesday 22 June. Three others from St Pancras will start to run from Monday 28 May, the 09.45, 15.45 and 21.46 (Horsham arrive 11.08, 17.10 and 23.08 respectively). Finally, another three from St Pancras will not start running until Monday 4 June, the 07.15, 13.15 and 19.15 (Horsham arrive 08.41, 14.58 and 20.38). Most, if not all of these Thameslink services are to or from Peterborough and these trains are the only services stopping at Littlehaven and Ifield except for the peak services to and from Victoria shown on our timetable summary.

Weekend services from Sunday 20 May

You will see from the pocket timetables that Saturday services replicate the off-peak Monday to Friday service. On Sundays, the hourly Portsmouth, Chichester to Victoria services will cease to run via Worthing and will, instead, be attached to the existing hourly Bognor to Victoria service at Barnham. The northbound services will leave Chichester 07.28, 08.32 and hourly to 21.32 and Bognor 07.26, 08.31 and hourly until 21.31. The intermediate times for the first of these hourly services are (based on the 08.31 from Bognor), Barnham 08.44, Ford 08.48, Arundel 08.54, Amberley 08.58, Pulborough 09.05, Billingshurst 09.12, Christís Hospital 09.18, Horsham 09.22, Crawley 09.31, Three Bridges 09.35, Gatwick 09.40, Redhill 09.49, E Croydon 10.03, Clapham Jn 10.14 and Victoria 10.21.  Southbound, the services leave Victoria at 07.32, 08.32, 09.33 and hourly until 22.35. The 07.32, 08.32 and 09.33 do not divide at Barnham. The 07.32 goes to Bognor only with a cross platform change for Chichester and Portsmouth. The 08.32 and 09.33 run complete to Portsmouth with a cross-platform change for Bognor at Barnham. The pocket timetable does not show the last through train to Portsmouth which is the 21.16 from Victoria via Hove arriving Barnham 23.00 and Chichester 23.08. Nor does it show the connection for Chichester off the 21.33 from Victoria, a 38 minute wait at Barnham arriving Chichester 23.59. There is no connection for Chichester off the 22.33 from Victoria. To give you an idea of intermediate times, the 10.33 from Victoria, stops at Clapham Jn 10.40, E Croydon 10.49, Redhill 11.04, Gatwick 11.13, Three Bridges 11.18, Crawley 11.22, Horsham 11.31, Christís Hospital 11.35, Billingshurst 11.42, Pulborough 11.48, Amberley 11.54, Arundel 11.59, Ford 12.05, Barnham 12.09, arriving Bognor 12.23 and Chichester 12.20.

Timetable gurus only!

Those of a certain age may remember the all-line table published by BR, 1000+ pages of train times. Well, this timetable is still published by Network Rail and for those members on e-mail I attach the 38 pages of Table 186 covering the Arun Valley and West Coastway lines as a pdf.

Trevor Tupper

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