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No Annual General Meeting in 2020 and the future of the Association

The 2019 AGM last November was poorly attended but enjoyed by those that were there. We have given much thought to this year’s AGM and have decided to cancel it. This decision has been dictated by the Coronavirus rules and, although we could have tried for an on-line version, we do not think this would be practicable.

The decision to cancel the AGM has also caused us to consider the future of the Association. Membership has declined over recent years and we now have just about 120 members, a fall of 30% in the last 5 years. Your Officers are aging with your Secretary just passed 80 and Roger Keyworth, our Chairman a couple of years short of that awful number!! Our Committee has declined from 12 to just 3 very loyal members. And recent appeals for others to join the Committee have been unsuccessful. We do have a healthy bank balance of £1,563 although this, too, has declined over recent years.

What should we do? Your Officers and Committee are willing to continue and we hope that members will agree to this. We are well financed and we propose to abolish the annual subscription from 1 March 2021 and live off our reserves. Assuming we have an AGM in 2021 and in future years, the costs of those together with the website, postage and stationery will give us 5 years before funds run out and by then Roger and I may want to call it a day with an EGM to close the Association.

Assuming members agree to this, the first step is for the 50 or so who pay their subscription by standing order. These standing orders should be cancelled before 1 March 2021. We will not ask other members to pay subscriptions from now on – except for a few who have not yet paid this year’s subscriptions and a reminder for these is later in this Newsletter. A few members have paid the 2021 subscriptions already. We propose to treat these as donations unless members concerned wish to have refunds.

We hope that members agree with our proposals.

Current Timetable to 12 December including Lockdown until 2 December

The current weekday timetable introduced on 7 September showed few changes to the July services. We still have basically a Saturday service and this seems quite adequate for the number of passengers travelling. The late additions to the July timetable of the 06.18 Bognor to London Bridge and the 17.12 London Bridge to Chichester continue to run. These services are formed of 12 coaches of Gatwick Express stock.

New timetable from Sunday 13 December

We have some details of the new timetable and off-peak services are little changed from the current timetable, which is basically a Saturday service but running Monday to Friday. When we have more details we will let you know. In the meantime it is worth mentioning that the hourly service from Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour will terminate and start from Portsmouth & Southsea in the new timetable. Currently this service has a 6-minute turn round time at the Harbour and delays on the outward journey often result in turn round at Fratton or Havant and consequential delays of the return services to Victoria. It is also worth mentioning improved services to and from London Bridge. The current service mentioned in the previous paragraph will be replaced by 2 trains from Portsmouth or Southampton and Bognor joining and splitting at Horsham.

Timings of the first of these trains from Bosham are: Bosham 06.02, Fishbourne 06.05, Chichester 06.08, Barnham 06.17, Horsham 06.50, Littlehaven 06.54, Crawley 07.02, Three Bridges 07.07, E Croydon 07.27, London Bridge 07.43.
From Bognor at 05.55, Barnham 06.02, Ford 06.07, Arundel 06.13, Amberley 06.18, Pulborough 06.24, Billingshurst 06.31, C. Hospital 06.38, Horsham arrive 06.41 then as above London Bridge 07.43.
The second train is from Chichester at 07.08, Barnham 07.17, Horsham 07.50, Littlehaven 06.74, Crawley 08.02, Three Bridges 08.07, E Croydon 08.27, London Bridge 08.43.
From Bognor at 07.00, Barnham 07.07, Arundel 07.16, Pulborough 07.26, Billingshurst 07.33, C. Hospital 07.39, Horsham arrive 07.43 then as above London Bridge 08.43.
Note that the second train does not call at Bosham, Fishbourne, Ford or Amberley.
From London Bridge the Portsmouth trains leave at 17.02 and 18.02 and run 1 hour apart calling at  E Croydon 17.16 & 18.16, Three Bridges17.35 & 18.35, Crawley 17.39 & 18.39, Littlehaven 17.47 & 18.47, Horsham 17.54 and 18.54, Barnham 18.23 and 19.23, Chichester 18.31 and 19.31, Fishbourne 18.34, Bosham 18.37.
The Bognor portion of the first train leaves Horsham at 17.58 calling at C Hospital 18.02, Billingshurst 18.08, Pulborough 18.15, Arundel 18.25, Barnham 18.35 and Bognor 18.43.
The Bognor portion of the second train leaves Horsham at 18.58 calling at C Hospital 19.02, Billingshurst 19.08, Pulborough 19.15, Amberley 19.21, Arundel 19.28, Barnham 19.36 and Bognor 19.43.

I hope this is clear and helpful!!

Arun Valley Line Closure - August 2021

This is an advance warning of engineering work on our line next summer and it comes from Network Rail. Train services will be suspended along much of the Arun Valley line, as far as Three Bridges, and between Horsham and Dorking. Plans for alternative transport, including alternative routes and rail replacement buses are being developed and will be shared in good time to enable passengers to plan their journeys in advance. 
Longer distance rail services such as from Portsmouth & Southsea or Chichester that would normally use the Arun Valley will be diverted via Hove and the Brighton Main Line.
The dates of the 9-day closure and weekends before and after the closure are listed below.

Membership Renewal

If you have not paid your £2 subscription for 2020, a renewal form is enclosed and it can be paid by cheque through the post or by direct bank credit, the renewal form gives details of these options. If you no longer wish to remain a member, please let me know by e-mail, post or telephone.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Covid-free New Year!

Trevor Tupper

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